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Learn Portuguese for the World Cup

Audio: 1 hour, 38 minutesPortuguese for the World Cup
Learning Guide: 65 pages
Price: $20

Portuguese for the World Cup is a basic guide full of vocabulary, expressions, and useful sentences that will make your communication with Brazilians easier while you enjoy the 2014 World Cup.

It consists of two parts:

  • Audio (MP3 files) – In order to make this material practical, portable and easy to use, we condensed the audio part in less than 2 hours. Delivered 100% by a native speaker, your pronunciation will sound like you have learned Portuguese while living in Brazil. You should be able to fit it into your daily activities easily since it can be stored and listened to on your cell phone, MP3 player, tablet or computer.
  • The Learning Guide (PDF files) – The other key point of this material is the written transcript of the audio files. It allows you to read and listen to every word in every episode, increasing substantially your comprehension. It can be printed or used in any PDF reader or tablet.

The subjects are grouped into episodes:

Episode 1 – Making a Hotel Reservation
Episode 2 – Arriving at the Hotel
Episode 3 – Checking out of the Hotel
Episode 4 – Everyday Vocabulary and Expressions
Episode 5 – Numbers
Episode 6 – The Brazilian Currency
Episode 7 – What time is it?
Episode 8 – The Portuguese Alphabet
Episode 9 – At the Airport
Episode 10 – Asking for Information
Episode 11 – Renting a car
Episode 12 – Shopping
Episode 13 – At the Restaurant
Episode 14 – At the Snack Bar
Episode 15 – At the Doctor’s Office
Episode 16 – Emergencies
Episode 17 – Soccer
Episode 18 – Verbs
2014 Soccer World Cup

We sincerely want to help you learn this beautiful language, and we hope this material will be your best companion on your trip.
Start practising your Portuguese today! Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL 🙂

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A Trip to Brazil

A Trip to Brazil

Audio: 2 hours, 54 minutes
Learning Guide: 69 pages

A Trip to Brazil will teach you vocabulary, expressions, and sentences related to situations you may find on a trip to Brazil. Each episode contains a dialogue and some additional sentences and questions for your practice.

Price: $20USD
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Un Viaje a Brasil

Audio: 2 hours
Learning Guide: 64 Pages

Un Viaje a Brasil en portugués con traducciones en español le enseñará vocabulario, expresiones y frases relacionadas con situaciones que se pueden encontrar en un viaje a Brasil. Cada episodio contiene un diálogo y algunas frases adicionales y preguntas para su práctica.

Price: $20USD
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