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Still not sure where to start…

BrazilianPodClass offers a complete learning system for those who want to Learn Brazilian Portuguese. The amount of information you will find in our program compares to approximately 10 books (300 pages each) combined with 40 CDs (2 hours each). We understand that this can be somehow overwhelming for those who have just started to learn a new language, and for this reason, we have created this small guide that will help you to make the best use of our methodology:

  • Subscribe to Premium Membership – it will give you access to all Learning Guides, where you will find word by word transcripts of our episodes. The Leaning Guides leverage your learning curve, since you can follow everything you hear in our audio Podcast. When you subscribe to Premium Membership, you will receive the eBook “A Trip to Brazil” ($20 value) as a bonus gift.
  • The eBook “A Trip to Brazil” – although it was designed to help those who are visiting Brazil, the 3 hour-audio and 69-page eBook contain lots of basic vocabulary and expressions for those who have just decided to learn Brazilian Portuguese
  • Smart Search – it is a very powerful tool on our website that can help you to narrow our lessons and focus on the subjects you want to learn. Go to “Levels” and look for “Beginner”. Here you will find lots of basic information that will help you follow along our system
  • Subscribe to our iTunes feeds – currently we have two iTunes feeds. One is called “Previous Episodes“, where you can find episodes from 1 to 100. On our BrazilianPodClass feed, you will find episodes from 101 to the latest podcast release. Subscribing to those feeds in iTunes will make your life easier, since you can download the episodes (audio files) automatically
  • Subscribe to “Tip of the Day” – although the level varies, this is a bite size information that will add up to your knowledge and keep you motivated on your journey
  • Keep in touch – we are always seeking ways to help you learn Brazilian Portuguese, so stay in touch through our Facebook page, Youtube channel, Twitter and email updates, so that you can be part of our awesome online community

We sincerely want to help you to learn this beautiful language, so even if you don’t subscribe to our membership, please come by often and make good use of the free information we offer on our website.

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iTunes Feed  Podcast RSS Feed  Tips and podcast updates  YouTube Channel  Twitter  Facebook 
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