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How It Works

BrazilianPodClass provides learners with the opportunity to speak Brazilian Portuguese in an engaged and fun way through our current lessons. It also helps you to fit learning Portuguese into your lifestyle.

How It Works
The BrazilianPodClass method is composed of three parts:
The audio podcast is launched once a week, from 10 to 20 minutes, focusing on Brazilian culture, dialogues, interviews, vocabulary and Portuguese grammar. In iTunes, you can subscribe and get the new episodes automatically.

Learning Guide
One of the key points of our education method is to provide you with the written transcript of our audio podcasts, since it allows you to read and listen every word in every episode, increasing substantially your comprehension and understanding. The Learning Guide is a 5-9 page PDF file that is released with every new podcast episode.

If you are serious about learning Brazilian Portuguese, you can Become a Member (Basic and Premium Membership available). This options will help you to consolidate, review and practice what you hear in our podcast lessons!

Get a FREE Learning Guide

The BrazilianPodClass website is updated daily with our Tip of the Day (a bite size information that will add up to your knowledge and keep you motivated on your journey). New podcast episode and Learning Guide are added every week. It also offers Smart Search, an easy and functional way to navigate through BraziliaPodClass so that you can easily find the episode, level, topic, vocabulary/expression or grammar point you are looking for.

Read some of the comments by our listeners that have tried and used our system.

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