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Comments from Our Listeners

Comments from iTunes (USA)

Marina Gomes é demais!
Brazilian Podcast is great. I bought the entire Pimsleur course which I also like but Marina’s course is the best. In addition to the well-structured language lessons, her cultural elements are invaluable. I strongly recommend paying the $10/month upgrade for the PDF’s. It’s totally worth it. Muito obrigado Marina. ~ Mark Robinett

The Best
Like many other people, I too have been learning Portuguese on my own. I have taken classes, used other podcasts and even speak with native speakers. This podcast is by far the best tool for learning. Thank you Ms. Gomes. Your enunciation and teaching techniques are fantastic. The songs, the situations and at times the humour user in your lessons make them fun. I also love the information which you provide about Brazil in your lessons. Keep up the great work! ~ Carmen Cotto

Adorei adorei adorei!!!
Been learning português on my own after falling in love with Brazil. This woman’s voice reminds me everything I fell in love with in the first place – the slowness and the melody of the language, the enjoyment in pronouncing every word… Uma delicia! You’ll find a huge selection of topics – technical, conversations, touristy stuff, stories, and my personal favorite, Brazilian songs, in a format that you can listen to on the bus, in your car, wherever. I’m addicted. Bless you Marina! Keep them coming… ~ Lidija Canovic

This is worth your while!
Highly enjoyable! Marina builds her lessons around common activities like “Leaving a Message”, themes such as Carnival, famous locations, hobbies, etc… She also gives examples of verb conjugation. Her English is excellent. She is a master at what she does, and I get much out of the little time I invest in the podcast. ~ Curitibano

Great introduction
I’ve never studied any latin languages before. I found this podcast to be a very nice introduction to this beautiful language. The material is presented at a comfortable pace, with reasonable explanation regarding its use and appropriateness. I am not adept at learning foreign languages, but found this introduction to be almost intuitive. ~ Studentia

I do not know of the former’s experience of this pod cast, but I greatly enjoy it. Ms. Gomez speaks clearly and effectively. She has a wonderful voice too. What I like about her pod class is that, after each sentence in English, she repeats in Portuguese. This also applies to the converstions, which she asks to repeat after she has. The sound effects are great too. Each grammer lesson and conversation is relevant to today’s world. Anyone who wants to learn Brazilian Portuguese, I recommend this pod cast. There is much one can learn. ~ envirofriend

This podclass is the BEST!!!
I can’t say that I’m perfectly fluent just yet, but people (native speakers) are surprised at how well and fast I learned. ~ Aui D.

Easy to learn
I just spend the morning learning so much from this podcast. I highly recommend it!! ~ MaLucy

Best Portuguese lessons on iTunes
I’ve used several methods to learn Portuguese and while I really love the Pimsleur series, the full set of CD’s is about $400. This is a great way to learn for free (or $10/month if you get additional material from the Brazilian Pod Class web site).
The lessons do move a little fast though unless you have some exposure to Portuguese or Spanish. ~ Simdude

Muito Obrigado Marina Gomes!!!
I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that I found this. I have been learning Brazilian Portuguese for about 2 years now and this podcast is very helpful. I live in NY and it is difficult, because I don’t have any Portuguese speaking friends who live here so I never get to be around it other than what I practice each day. Marina’s voice is so clear and so beautiful that I could listen to her all day long. The exercises are very well organized and make it easy, even for beginners to learn the language. Marina covers a variety of topics that are both interesting and relevant to today’s society. This is a great tool to use if you just wnato to pick up some basic Portuguese of if you are trying to learn the language fluently. A+ for BrazilianPodClass ~ bigdik3000

Great way to learn
I’m actually in an accelerated Portuguese class for those who speak another romance language, and I decide to check this out for some extra practice. The order and speed of the lessons is very efficient and pragmatic, its so helpful! The only downside, that being for any (free)podcast, is that its not practical if you want to learn the ortography or be able to read in Portuguese. Either way, I’m very happy I found this! I’m addicted. ~ anothrsara

Great information – extremely helpful
I’m living in Sao Paulo, Brazil right now and can honestly say I would not have gotten by without tuning in to this podcast before I left the States. Enough said. Thanks Ms. Gomes! ~ mv. Danj

This is a great resource for learning Brazilian Portuguese – though nothing can replace having a fluent speaker to converse with, this is a fantastic convenience to help make more productive learning time when you’re travelling or mobile. ~ Studeabaker Hawk

Highly worthwhile!
This is the MOST user-friendly, comprehensive, clear and FREE(!!!) method to lear Brazilian Portuguese on the web. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and am thrilled to have found it. ~ Jarrett421

Brazilian Podclass

This class has been very helpful. Marina has been very professional. I listening this class since the January and my Portuguese has been improve a lot. Thank you very much. ~ mecalde

This podcast is excellent! Marina Gomes’s voice is clear, and beautiful, and it’s my goal to speak Portuguese just as beautifully as she does! It’s my goal to master the Portuguese language, and live in Brazil one day, maybe Rio, or Sao Paulo, and Godwilling, thanks to this podcast, my dreams can come reality!!! Muito obrigado, Marina!!

This podcast is awesome for advanced speakers!
I am having an interview later this week for a Portuguese-speaking sales job in the “cloud computing” sector. I really was just browsing for podcasts to learn some business terms, but I can’t believe you have a podcast titled “Cloud Computing”. This is so, so perfect and AWESOME! Thank you! ~ Lisa from Berkeley, CA

Estes são maravilhosos!
Eu sou estudante na California dos Estados Unidos, e estes podclass estão ajudar me todos os dias. Eu espero poder dai dez estrelas! ~Speculater


A couple years ago, I then discovered brazilianpodclass. A podcast orchestrated by Marina Gomes, a talented Brazilian language instructor living in Canada, brazilianpodclass focuses on teaching idiomatic and colloquial Brazilian Portuguese using current themes relevant to the 21st century, such as cloud computing and sustainable energy. Certainly it’s the useful stuff you won’t find in any classroom textbook. It’s a gem of a podcast that took my conversational skills in Portuguese to the next level. I would recommend to anyone interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese to give it a shot. It’s not free however, as there is a $10 a month subscription, but it’s worth it. Utilizing what I learned from the program, and then being able to employ it with my Brazilian amigos re-enforced the idioms, and with a caipirinha in hand, I was well on my way to becoming more and more Brazilian with my way of life. I just needed to learn Samba and perhaps some Capoeira.
C. Dallas Blakely, Ph.D.

Brazilian Portuguese PodClass – Highly Recommended!

This is an amazing free resource for those who spend long hours in traffic jams – I listen to Mariana Gomes’ podcasts when I’m stuck in the traffic or on a boring journey. These BrazilianPodClasses are free podcasts for those who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Released once a week, they help for learners for all levels with focus on conversation, vocabulary, grammar and popular expressions.

The audio podcast is from 10 to 20 minutes, focusing on Brazilian culture, dialogues, interviews, vocabulary and Portuguese grammar. In iTunes, you can subscribe and get the new episodes automatically. There are more than 350 free classes available up to date!

The podcasts are done by Marina Gomes, who has been teaching Portuguese as a second language since 1978. She teaches presently at the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto and privately at home, besides working as a freelance translator (English/Portuguese).

They also have a Facebook page, where you can sign up for the ‘Tip of the Day’.
Berta Papp


Hello, I just signed up for the full membership. I think it is absolutely fantastic as I have struggled to stay motivated with Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone courses. I can tell that there is a lot of experience and expertise in the design of your podcasts and I am learning about Brasil in the process as well.

Thanks Again,
Reid S.
Airline Pilot who frequently flies to Brasil and is serious about becoming fluent.

– – –

I have really enjoyed this website and access to the podcasts on my iPod. It has helped me tremendously with my transition to living in Brazil. Many thanks for your hard work and help. ~ Marcy H.

– – –

I have been slowly learning portuguese since 2004. I love your podclasses. They are very well articulated and have helped me tremendously. I listen to them at work while on my computer. Thank you and keep up the good work! ~ Brett A.

– – –

Marina, this is a quick thank-you. I am a North American with Portuguese at the advanced-intermediate level, and your podcasts are extremely helpful as a way to practice, stay fresh, and improve. Your presentations are practical, intelligently organized, clear, well paced, and interesting. I recommend this site highly to any language learners! Again, many thanks. ~ Michael

– – –

Olá Marina, meu nome é T. e tenho 17 anos. Eu só queria dizer pra vocês que seu podcast de verdade transformou a minha vida. A familia do meu pai é do Brasil, de Salvador, e eu fui visitá-los aqui em Memphis no Natal há 2 anos, mas eu sou americano. Eu não falava nenhuma palavra de português e nem consegui comunicar com minha própria familia. Foi por isso então que decidi aprender português. Eu escutava seu podcast todo dia por 1 ano e meio e, com a ajuda do meu tio, aprendi a lingua. Agora, eu acabei de chegar de volta aqui nos EU depois de passar 5 meses lá no Brasil em Salvador e no Rio, saindo do país falando mais ou menos fluentemente com, infelizmente, o sotaque baiano. Muito, muito obrigado pra vocês por me ajudarem tanto, e espero que continuem com o podcast.
T. J.

– – –

Dear Marina and Adriano, I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for your podcasts. They are fantastic – I cannot believe how much they have improved my Portuguese in a relatively short space of time. The progress I have made is much better than I expected when I began. The lessons are really well structured and are enjoyable so I look forward to them. Thanks you so much for this fantastic website!
Greg R.,
Brisbane, Australia

– – –

Olá Marina e Adriano,

Acabei de chegar em Nova York das minhas férias ao Brasil, e queria lhes agredecer e parabenizar de novo por tanta ajuda que o seu podclass tem me dado durante os últimos dois anos.
Fiquei impressionado quanto às palavras, expressões e informações sobre a cultura brasileira que foram encontradas quase todo dia.
E o mais importante foram as amizades que eu pude fazer e o fato de que uma grande parte do Brasil, fora do roteiro turístico normal, se abriu para mim pq sabia português.
Nestas férias, visitei o Pantanal e Bonito (graças ao episódio que tratou desses dois lugares), Salvador e Boipeba (uma delícia), BH, Rio, e SP.
E desta vez entendi cada vez mais o português falado, quase tudo. Sempre me perguntavam se eu morava no Brasil…

Um grande abraço,
Dennis M.
– – –

… I have search countless options in my quest to learn Portuguese including do it your self books, audio CDs, computer applications, and even classes at my local community college. Your material is by far the best value period. And the best part is I bring your lessons with me where ever I go on my iPhone. Its so absolutely convenient its ridiculous. The lessons are put together with such quality too. I’m very impressed with it, and very glad that I randomly found you guys on iTunes. Obrigado, Obrigado, Obrigado!!!! ~ Alex

– – –

I love your course. I tried three other Portuguese programs, including Rosetta Stone – You are by far the best – I love that your podcasts are so practical, come in nice, easy bites and build on each other so beautifully. The other programs I tried were boring, seemed like a real chore – yours are fun and I look forward to each one.

Thanks so very much for helping me learn this beautiful language! ~ Elizabeth T.
– – –

Thank you for your EXCELLENT tuition podcasts. I am making far more progress learning Portugues do Brasil now than I was with other podcasts/books. Your course is very well planned and delivered. Obrigado! ~ Clive B.
– – –

Guys I just would like to thank you for this wonderful site, I also listen to the Podclass all the time, my Portuguese has got much better thanks to you.
I’m really thankfull with you guys. ~ Mario B.
– – –

I am one of your subscribers as of the last six weeks or so.
Thank you so much for a very professional, organized, and highly effective language course.
I have tried other Brazilian Portuguese courses using books, tapes, and interactive DVD’s, but they have fallen short in one way or another. One of the main problems is that they are not really Brazilian. They are European Portuguese that has been re-packaged.
When I heard your last lesson, A Brazilian Song, I was thrilled! I love Brazilian music, so this is a fun way to learn. ~ Denise A.
– – –

I’m an American guy who’s finally going to travel to Brazil in 2 weeks. I know some Portuguese but I have been using Podcasts to help learn.  Your podcast is by far the best. It’s clear, well laid out and has so many wonderful parts. The little music segues help keep a structure and I love that you also use music and culture.  These items are MUCH more interesting than the typical boring phrases. ~ Mark C.
– – –

I just want to thank you for the wonderful way that you teach Brazilian Portuguese.
My first language is English but I speak Spanish because my parents are Cuban.
I am finding your teaching method easy to follow and very well structured in order to build on the knowledge from the previous lesson.  Again, thank you for taking of your time to put together these weekly lessons.
I am very grateful to you because you are encouraging me to finally get serious about learning Portuguese, which is such a beautiful language.  Hopefully, one day I will visit Brazil.
Also, please tell Mr. Galeno that he has created such a beautiful blog.  It is functional and very intuitive with easy downloads for the learning guides.
Excellent work! ~ Sarah D.
– – –

Hi, My name is Victor L. and I’m Brazilian. I’ve been looking for some Portuguese podcast, just to have a notion how to improve my English vocabulary and I found BrazilianPodClass on google. I just have one thing to say about It! Amazing! The lesson and the pronunciation of the words are fantastic to learn and I’d like to thank you for everything!

– – –

Love the show.  It is helping me remember my Portuguese.  It’s been a long time since I was there and I miss it.
Great sound quality, good pace, great pronunciation, your voice is soothing to listen to, the transitions in between are perfect.
– – –

I really enjoy your Brazilian pod classes.  I’m an American, but I lived in Brazil for two years. I’ve lived back in the United States for a while now and I love being able to hear Portuguese and practice it.  Thank you for making these pod-classes.  They help keep my Portuguese sharp.
Muito obrigado! ~ Mitch G.


Hi, I’ve been using Brazilian Podclass for 2 years now. It is the best system I’ve used – better than Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, private classes. I travel to Brazil every summer for vacation, and this year I was understanding just about everything. Most of the Brazilians thought I was living there.

I would recommend subscribing to the written materials for 10 dollars a month and to invest in the earlier episodes if you’re a beginner.

The vocabulary and phrases she presents are used all the time in everyday life, and she makes a great effort to present dialogues and readings all based on relevant situations to travelers and emigres.

Boa sorte!


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