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How effective is our methodology?

We have built our system based on the most modern language acquisition principles. Here are few reasons why we are convinced our system is effective:

  • it is audio based – our audio lessons is one of the key points of our methodology, where we introduce new lessons to you in the same way that you acquired your fist language
  • fits your life style – you can easily fit our lessons in your day-to-day activities since you can store and listen to them in you cell phone, MP3 player, tablet or computer
  • 15/20 minutes lessons – manageable lesson size full of useful information and exercises which makes the learning process effortless
  • it is fun – music, dialog, cultural notes are some of the resources that we use to introduce you to new vocabulary, expressions and grammar points
  • up-to-date material – language is a living entity and, for this reason, every week we bring you a new lesson with relevant, current subjects and expressions that natives use in their daily life
  • you will sound more like a native – since our lessons are delivered 100% by a native speaker, your pronunciation will sound like you have learned Portuguese while living in Brazil
  • written transcript (Learning Guide) – another key tool in our system that will help you consolidate what you learn with our audio lessons as well as help you with your reading and writing skills
  • translation exercises – translation exercises are heavily used in our method since it makes the learning process easier and, at the same time, helps you to express your thoughts and opinions in Portuguese
  • be part of our community – in order to keep you motivated in your learning process we are constantly updating our website and social community with new lessons, cultural notes and tips, making the process of learning Portuguese part of your daily routine

Read some of the comments by our listeners that have tried and used our system.

We sincerely want to help you in your journey of mastering Brazilian Portuguese. So, if you are serious about learning this beautiful language, join us today.

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